[ms] Assaying of BERNAMA Arabic Terminology Study and Translation into Malay and English Languages

Noor Syafiqah Ahamadi Palah, Zamri Arifin


This article discusses the aspect of terminology study and translation of BERNAMA Arabic into Malay and English languages as a learning field for students specializing in the area of current Arabic language and literature. The research objective is to examine the accuracy of terminology usage from BERNAMA Arabic into Malay and English languages, and the translation BERNAMA Arabic text in all aspects into Malay and English languages. The purpose of this article is also to show the matching terminology from BERNAMA Arabic with Malay and English terminologies. On the whole, this research uses qualitative methodology in applying content analysis of primary reference material based on books, dictionaries and journals, besides primary reference materials from the internet website BERNAMA.com and other related websites. Research findings show that terminologies are matched according to their appropriate meanings and directly show terminology which enables the reading public to understand the terms frequently used. In addition, research results show that there are words that have the same terms and meanings, language styles which carry different meanings as well as proper nouns. It is hoped that research results will have a positive impact and contribute to the restoration of learning Arabic language in a more effective virtual way.


Terminology study; Arabic-Malay-English translation; web-based language learning

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