[ms] The Use of Shahid Hadith by al-Suyuti in His Book, Ham‘ al-Hawami‘ fi Sharh Jam‘ al-Jawami‘

Maryam Md Rofiee, Md. Nor Abdullah


Hadith is one of the sources used in formulating Arabic grammar methodologies. But there are some difference in opinion among scholars of Arabic grammar, whether to accept or reject hadith as shahid (textual witness). Among the leading Arabic grammarians who was said to reject hadith in formulating Arabic grammar methodologies was al-Suyuti. However, there are views which state that he took the middle stance, between acceptance and rejection. In this regard, the purpose of this research is to discuss the use of hadith as shahid (textual witness) by al-Suyuti in his work which discusses Arabic grammar methodologies, namely, Ham‘ al-Hawami‘ fi Sharh Jam‘ al-Jawami‘, with focus only on al-‘Umad chapter. This research uses a qualitative approach and data is obtained through document analysis of the said work, Ham‘ al-Hawami‘. Research results show that al-Suyuti had used shahid hadith in formulating Arab grammar methodologies in the chapter mentioned. However, there are only 27 instances of using shahid hadith in the chapter in comparison to using shahid al-Qur’an and poetry.


Hadith; Arabic grammar methodologies; leading Arabic grammarian; al-Suyuti

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