[ms] The Assessment of Kanun I Esasi 1876 as the Source for the Formation of the Johore Constitution 1895

Hanif Md Lateh, Izziah Suryani Mat Resad, Ahmad Faathin Mohd Fadzil


The Ottoman law, Kanun I Esasi 1876 and the Undang-undang Tubuh Kerajaan Johor 1895 were written constitutions promulgated in the 19th Century CE. Scholars are of the view that the Ottoman state had an impact in the process of forming the constitution of the state of Johore. Based on this view, this research is planned by selecting the Ottoman constitution, Kanun I Esasi, to be assessed for similarities and differences between the text of the two said constitutions. This research is a qualitative study which uses a comparative approach. Research data is obtained from the National Archives of Malaysia and publications collection of The American Journal of International Law. This research finds that there was no specific link between the Kanun I Esasi 1876 and the Undang-undang Tubuh Kerajaan Johor 1895. Therefore, the finding of absence of any specific link between the two constitutions is reinforced by the description of basic relations between the state of Johore and the Ottoman state.


Ottoman constitution; Johore constitution; Johore-Ottoman history

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