Performance Measurement of Rice Mills Based on Supply Chain Operation Reference Model

Muazziss Najmi, Hazura Mohamed, Muriati Mukhtar


The supply chain management (SCM) has been proven as a manufacturing innovation which can improve the current competition among companies. SCM encompasses all activities, raw materials, in process work inventory, and all ready goods from the start to an end use. SCM is frequently used in various manufacturing and service industries such as rice expenditure industry, as it provides various benefits to companies, especially in term of optimizing the period and space. Rice refinery Sumber Rezeki is a refinery operating in Bireuen District, Aceh, Indonesia. This refinery often suffers a problem in rice billing process which then lead them in shortage of supply as well as uncertain amount of rice stock. A measurement for achievement guidance needs to be done in a purpose to determine the virtue factor that should be well added. Therefore, this study aims to identify the virtue factor of chain based supply chain operation reference (SCOR). The SCOR model encompasses design factors, source factors, manufacturing factors, delivery factors, and reversion factors. The virtue of these factors are known through analytical hierarchy process (AHP). The data used were obtained from questionnaires that had been circulated to refinery workers which then identified and determined to be subcriteria by the experts who are well-experienced in rice refining processes. The assessment may indicate that source factors (0.468 or 46.8%) is a major factor that needs to be considered for the improvement in the process of managing the refinery chains. Whereas another subcriteria of source factors that need to be improved is the worker achievement (0.633 or 63.3%).


supply chain management, supply chain operation, analytical hierarchy process.

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