Industrialization, Urbanization and Family Change in Korea

HYUP CHOI (Chonnam National University,


Most analyses of the consequences of change on the family suggested that the process of urbanization and industrialization fundamentally affects the family system. This paper, however, points out that the response of the Korean family is different and that notwithstanding the trend towards the conjugal family system,urban life does not pari pasu weakened kindred solidarity.


Kebanyakan analisis mengenai kesan-kesan perubahan ke atas keluarga mengemukakan bahawa proses urbanisasi dan industrilisasi meninggalkan kesan besar ke atas sistem kekeluargaan. Dalam artikel ini, penulisnya membincangkan pengalamannya di Korea dimana didapatinya bahawa kehidupan di bandar tidak semestinya diikuti dengan perubahan kepada pertalian kekeluargaan.

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