Book Review

3L Journal will be publishing Book Reviews from the June issue onwards, subject to availability of suitable books for review

Book Review

Book reviews in 3L are by invitation only. We do not accept unsolicited book reviews. If you receive an invitation from us, we sincerely hope you can accept. Instructions will be sent to you via e mail from the Review Editor/ Editor-in-Chief.

We look forward to receiving books from Book Publishers or Book Companies.  Books accepted for review are books that were published in the preceding 3 years.

Review Format


1000 – 1100 words (excluding bibliographic and reviewer information)

At the head of the Review, please provide  bibliographic information. Eg.

FOOD AND DRINK IDIOMS IN ENGLISH  By Laura Pinnavaia .Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.  2018.  235 pp. ISBN-13: 978-1-5275-0817-0 

At the foot of the Review, please indicate your academic affiliation (italicized), on the left, and your name in capital letters on the right. For example:

University Kebangsaan Malaysia, Malaysia       Theseus Tan